Lake Shack

at the Athens Boat Club on Lake Lanier, Georgia

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The Cummins family have been members of the club for nearly 40 years.   ABC is a small private club on the northwest shore of Lake Lanier in north Georgia.  With 67 acres and over 7 miles of road, there is plenty of scenery.  Facilities include wet and dry slips, a gas dock, a pavilion with rest rooms, a private water system and leased lots for cottages.

We call this "Cramac Cottage". Our home in Lawrenceville is in "Cramac Plantation". This is a covered 42' house trailer with a large living room added on the back along with a large deck. It is small but has 3 bedrooms and two baths. We have a leak in the roof right now and a new roof is planned for the fall of 2000.

Fortunately the original owner built a workshop out back and at present it is the nicest of my 3 ham shacks. Antennas are an all band double and an R5 vertical.

The last 18 months have been mostly QRP. Note the new K2 on the table. But vintage is fun so the Drake B Line is as good as new. There is also a TS-450S on the table.  There is a Dentron MT-3000A tuner for the doublet.  Speaking of vintage.. check out the old Heathkit HD-1410 keyer.  I also have an HD-10 (the original) at one of the other shacks.

Here I am, Pickett, AD4S, himself.  I like this shack best of all since it has a lot more room and not any distractions.  There is a power line nearby but the noise blankers on the 3 rigs that I use here do a great job of getting rid of the racket.

There is a set of bunk beds in the shack for any overflow crowd from the main cottage.   Also nice for long contests.
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In the fall of 2003 I added a Drake TR-4CW/RIT.  I used a Drake TR-4 as my only rig for 11 years from 1966 to 1977.  Also added an RV-4C and brought up my Dentron MLA-2500 linear in anticipation of the continued reduction in sun spots for a while.   Still use the K2 mostly.
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The newer HF rig is an old ICOM 751-A with a LDG AT-1 auto tuner.  The TS-450SAT is in use testing an interface for AD4LY down in Florida.  Note the FT-817 as a QRP rig on the right.  I try to use it every now and then instead of the K2. 

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Close up of the FT-817 set up.  I also use a K1 here sometimes.  I keep it at home for motorcycle and camping trips.

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