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Ham Gear - 1965 - Decatur, Georgia

Swan 350, Homebrew 4-572 linear.

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Amateur Radio Station

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J(ohn). Pickett Cummins

Both of my brothers are/were hams (my fine brother, Bill, K6MYH, passed away on Leap Day, 2012) and they always called me Pickett which is my real middle name.

I use "John" when I am on CW

Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Ham Gear - 1978 - Dunwoody, Georgia

IBM Selectric I, Model 19 TTY w/reperf, HB RTTY demod (Flesher Circuit Board), Lafayette HA-146 2 mtr. for RTTY repeaters, Dentron MLA2500, Kenwood TS-820S w/VFO 820, Dentron MT3000A. Hallifcrafters S-40B & R42 Speaker, Kleinschmidt TT98 TTY, TH-III 3 el yagi, Clegg FM-28A 2 mtr. 

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Amateur Means Unpaid; Not Unskilled

The word amateur is derived from the Latin verb "amo, amas, amat"

and used in English means "for the love of" and not "for the compensation of"



WN5ALS-9/61, WA5ALS-2/62, WA4TCX-2/64, AD4S-5/78

Pre VEC Days. Atlanta hams of the day will recognize the FCC engineer in charge: Angelo Ditty..!